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Wielkopolska and Flexible Labour Code

Flexible labour code, which supporters are politicians of every desrciption, economists and lately also the media, should defend us from unemployment that has at present reached 18%. Lets watch liberal proposals of changes in labour code and think over what the real problem is - new workplaces, society's good or bigger exploitation and reign.

Unemployment concerns many regions of Poland, including Wielkopolska, but the change of labour code won't lead up to origin of new workplaces. In Wielkopolska there are 250 000 of unemployed, but only 22% of them receive the benefit. Also in Poznań there are more and more of unemployed. Local industrial plants dismiss their labourers (e.g. HCP, Polmos or GlaxoSmithKline) and an influance on their decision has first and foremost persuit of bigger and bigger profit. Along with this - individual records of labour code are being constantly broke and workers are exposed to danger.
Last year, only in Wielkopolska, there were 9 000 of accidents at work, 46 of them were fatality. 8 000 of inspections in places of employment were taken place, in case of 3 000 of them work was discontinue, 12 000 violations of labour code were affirmed. (source: State Work Inspection)

They keep talling us: "Tight your belt !" "Work better and more effectively ! " - the same slogans for years, regardless of system. Thre is no more work coming and business pressure grups demend reduction of already low minimal pay ( 760zł = 200 euro) and change of labour code so they can squeeze more out of us.

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