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IP in 2010: chronology of events

ip.resizedThis is the 2010 chronology of events Inicjatywa Pracownicza has been involved in:

In January 8, IP takes part in solidarity actions in support of German FAU. The same month IP-activicts support a strike of textile industry female workers in Coliar Textill factory in Opatow. Two IP members from the Statistical Office dismissed in 2008 are reinstalled by the labour court. IP section from the hospital in Bielsko-Biala co-organize a demonstration of 150 health service workers against low wages. In the city of Nowa Sol, IP successfully block an eviction of a unionist's house.

In February, IP activist from Poznan organize a picket in front of a Zabka convenient store, where a IP member has been working for two weeks without contract and financial compensation.

On March 30, Marcel Szary, one of the founders and active unionist from the HCP factory, dies after a long-term illness. His funeral ceremony is attended by hundreds of people. At the same time IP members from HCP who were fired during the last year redundancies win in the labour court. Also in March, 50 women from the chocolate factory Goplana join IP to fight for arrears. Leafleting takes place in front of the factory. The same month, IWW from London invites IP delegates for a meeting.

In April, IP activists from Gdansk get involved in the tenant movement and organize series of meetings with tenants to talk about a rent increase. In Zielona Gora, IP activist accused of trespassing and organizing a illegal picket in front of a supermarket is acquitted. Leafleting is organized in front of the court.

In May, the IP section from Silesia protests against the European Economical Forum in Katowice. In Poznan, IP members from HCP protest in front of the province office to point out increasing crisis in the shipyard industry, that affects their workplace.

In June, the 2nd summer-camp of IP takes place.

On July 4, Rafal Gorski a many years activist of IP and the Polish Anarchist Federation of Krakow passes away. Hundreds of people take part in his funeral. The same month, actions are organized in Warsaw in solidarity with workers of Statistical Office in Opole. In Nowal Sol, IP activists together with inhabitants of social and container housing protest against the local government's housing policy.

In September, a IP delegate takes part in the meeting of Red and Black Coordination in Italy. The coordination includes IP (Poland), SAC (Sweden), USI-AIT (Italy), CGT (Spain), Solidaridad Obrera (Spain), CNT-F (France) and ESE (Greece).

In October IWW from London invites IP delegates for a discussion on double union affiliation. In October, IP wins a case in the labour court against a sushi bar owner in Poznan, who has dismissed an pregnant IP member working as dishwasher. The women gets financial compensation. In the autumn a new section of IP is formed by workers of L'Oreal company working as sales representatives.

In November, IP from the hospital of Bielsko-Biala organizes an anti-mobbing workshop. Some weeks before next IP member from the hospital who has been fired in 2008 is reinstalled by the labour court and comes back to work. In Glogow, IP activists provide legal help for a worker of confectionery who has not received her wage.

On December 14, 20 IP activists unsuccessfully try to block an eviction of a IP union member's house in Nowa Sol. Five people are arrested.

In December, leafleting takes place in Gdansk and Poznan in front of supermarkets and shopping malls about exploitation of the workers at those workplaces.

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